Ease your way to advertise

Money4Drive Advertisement ventured into Transit segments to leverage the best ROI for clients.The company focuses on high-end technology to further strengthen genuine data and transparency in the campaign. The company provide. The transit focused firm has teams in multiple cities of different state integrated with the app which provides faster &smoother execution. The access of the application is given to the brand team which works as a third eye on entire execution to have error free delivery.

We have the experience of handling 18 advertising mediums and over 1500 Campaigns on the basis of which we believe to deliver the best ROI possible on your ad spendings.

Bus Branding

"Assured Transit Media connecting your brand across Inter and Intra City. Across India Media networks helps us to provide genuine delivery with start and end date pictures with dated newspapers. M4D has covered 25 + Campaigns with experience of 500 + buses Installed. "

Auto Sticker Branding

"Auto stickers provides best ROI across any other available media across outdoor industry. USP: Seamless network of 5 lakh auto drivers across country on which advertisement is repetitive thing helps in getting more retention also live reporting of execution will stand us out of crowd. Till Date we have covered 850+ Campaigns on 1 Million Autos"

Auto Hood Advertising

"Auto Hood provides durable and long term visibility across streets. Cost per eyeball is lowest compared to other outdoor mediums with advantage of continuous hammering. USP: Live reporting APP Technology provide finest experience of branding Till Date we have covered 78+ Campaigns on 65000 Autos. "

Cab Branding

"Rich Class targeted city customers can be covered to interact with HNI's as it majorly ply at airports only Tie up with various fleet providers help us cover this advertisement effectively in major parts of INDIA. M4D has covered 5+ Campaigns with experience of 300 + cars branded. "

Dealer Boards & In Shop Branding

"This Medium trigger immediate buying action at outlets as well as free rental space for your brand at no cost, also helps retailer outlet to meet their revenue targets. USP: Trained team with use of technology for live reporting while installation addresses all problems hand to hand. we have covered 50+ Campaigns on 10000+ outlets "

Wall and Shop Painting

"Cost Effective medium to cover highway and rural areas for long span of time, this medium is trusted since ages. USP: Wall selection as per your targeted audience, live interaction with your branded walls provide seamless experience. Also we follow core value and deliver genuine and honest work in time bound deadlines We have covered 20+ Campaigns with experience of 30 lakh sq. ft. walls painted"

Wall Wrap

"New and Perfect medium for graphical and colorful ads which are comparable to highway hoardings at sensible cost USP: Retention Assurance with proper agreement with wall owners M4D has covered 3 Campaigns with experience of 850 + wall wraps installed. "

Cinema branding

"Cinema is most cost effective indoor medium to cover masses. Tieups with all screens across India, helps us to make you live across India within hours. Best rates and genuinity in delivery and cross checking through inspection passes will help us to deliver this media differently. M4D has covered 15+ Campaigns with experience of 1000 + screens covered. "

Van Branding

"Media to cover rural markets interactively in mix of Video, Audio and visual perfect blend for agriculture, political campaigns, also for product placement activity while moving in field for advertisement Eyeballs are huge deliberately able to cover masses with sensible cost, perfect mix of team having drivers, anchors. GPS enabled vehicles helps you to track your vehicle while sleeping at home. M4D has covered 15+ Campaigns with experience of 50000 + kms covered. "

Tata Magic Branding

"Media to cover rural markets efficiently, perfect blend for agriculture Eyeballs for one magic is huge deliberately able to cover masses with sensible cost, perfect pasting team will provide you 3D like experience of branding M4D has covered 7+ Campaigns with experience of 500 Magics Pasted. "

Hoardings/Gantries/bus Shelters

"Most Known and all time king medium USP: String Media Network across India will help us to provide perfect locations and pricing for you branding. M4D has covered 20 + Campaigns with experience of 350 + hoardings"

Conferences, Summit's, Corporate events and EXPO's

Need of every product
M4D is perfect in delivering finest work even at last hour.
M4D has covered 20 + Events

Radio FM

"After covering people from outside FM helps to tap people while they drive efficiently Broadcast certificate of every campaign gives you genuine and trusted delivery. M4D has covered 30+ Campaigns with experience of 900000 seconds burned. "

TV Commercial

"All time medium but at huge cost, so getting it at sensible cost is just a dream at a time. Through reach of MSO connections across helps us to deliver area wise TV ads at much reduced rates. We will make your brand national while spending localized rates Handled 5+ Campaigns covering 25000 seconds of TV Ads "

BIKE & E-Rikshaw Branding

"Erickshaw moving across the having your brand with jingle creates hammering with couple of your people sit in the rickshaw and feel the branding Tie up with Yatri Erickshaw help us to provide services across 50 places with just a click Handled 10+ Campaigns across having 40 e rickshaw branded with various brands. "

Digital Marketing

Need of an hour after internet penetration across. Being from Tech background helps to plan this media efficiently and generate better ROI on every penny spent