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27 November

How Outdoor Advertising Changes These Days

Advertising is not only of the importance that the buyers will acquire from buying a particular service or a product. It is all about branding. Outdoor advertising business which is also known as Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has exploded in the market, and became the second fastest growing advertising medium. The master plan of outdoor advertising changes on a daily basis as a result of influences of many underlying factors which includes the rapid advancement of outdoor-media technology, behavioral and demographic changes, and the declining power of other media options due to their fragmentation and increasing costs. This creates a need for advertising companies to be updated through various resources. One of the major reasons for using outdoor advertising for local businesses is its extreme versatility, visibility, and its affordability in comparison to other media like TV and newspapers. Outdoor Advertising communicates the brands message more effectively and thus makes outdoor advertising a highly visible marketing option for the businesses since people can see a local business promoted on a bus shelter, in the back of auto, bus etc. The number of outdoor advertisement options for the businesses are countless which makes it versatile. Billboards technology changes message at a single location which makes them more cost-efficient and possible to change instantly. As they are location-based, advertisements can be customized to a specific area, which eradicates the need to promote the business among those who are not potential customer. Various transit media’s are also available for outdoor advertising like Auto, Van, magic, Bus etc. Nowadays, outdoor advertising is one of the most economical mediums around because of its range of mass exposure and creative options.

12 February

Internship Experience at Money4Drive Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

Creative without strategy is called 'art.' Creative with strategy is called 'advertising.'
― Jef I. Richards
A summer well spent , is what echoes in my mind when I write about my 2 months internship experience with Money4Drive Advertising Pvt. Ltd

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11 February

Money4Drive: A startup enabling affordable advertisement using vehicles as a medium.

Advertising on vehicles, including autos, cars, e-rickshaws, buses and all other forms of public transport, does not seem like a new concept, and indeed, it isn't. But few have been able to achieve the scale seen by Indore-based Money4Drive.

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